Song about watches :)

So this is the resut of mybro and I feeling praticularily creative and random. It all started by him commenting that my watch looked sweet. We then continued to write this song and the chords are ones we have chalked up fer it. (side not is that my watch is actualy a guesse watch but Casio sounded better to sing about :) ). hope u  enjoy


C9       G


D/F#                Em7

Your so functional__

C9                   G

Tellin me the time

           D/F#                C9

Where ever I need to Go oh ho oh oh

                    G           D/F#   Em7

You can be Digital or Analogue

C9       G                    D/F#  Em7
Rabiis wear you in a syna   gog

     C9  G

So Casio___

        D/F#          Em7

Just go with the flow

          C9     G

And always know___


Im ur bro oh oh oh oh


                        C9                       G

Cause your wrapped around my wrist

             D/F#                           Em7

And im wrapped around your finger

C9                         G

What ever trials I come to


Ill know you be there

C9                      G

I put you on this morning

D/F#                    Em7

As soon as i was awake

     C9                  D/F#

I’ll never let you go


Unless you break

Verse 2

           C9  G                  D/F#

When ppl rate me on a scale

          D/F#    Em7

From 1   to    10

        C9            G

And ur on my left wrist

        D/F#                       Em7

You defiantly boost me on the list

  C9                     G

I never leave the house

        D/F#                  Em7

Without you close at hand


    C9                  G                D/F#        

Id even take you to a foreign la__and





           Em7  D

Cause casio

Em7         D

Dont you go




I wanna show


The whole world


That ur beside me

C9  G



Don’t go.



Well there it is hope u like it.

hasta luego

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I know wut i was feeling but wut the hell was i thinking.

Hmm so i was sitting in my room and wondering wut the hell to do fer the rest of my monday and noticed my airsoft gun lying on my desk. Dam now when bored maybe playing with ur 4x4 room with an airsoft gun shooting at about 270 feet/sec is not a good idea. Frick its prolly one of the most stupid ideas actually. Small plastic balls tend to ricochet rather well in confined spaces. Well first off i decided that i would set up pop bottles set up on the far side of the room (ya its not actualy that far but when u can hit something 90% of the time it really boosts ur confidence :P). And of course the first couple balls failed to bounce back and hit me so my confidence lv continued to be boosted and I started to shoot faster and in bursts of like two or three. So next I built a little lever to step on so the can threw through the air and i tried to hit it a bunch times as it is in the air. Well as I finished that a foreshodowing song came on "What was I thinking" by Dierks Bently. Now my situation was far from realationship problems but i deffinalty knew i was feeling "dam im clever" but wut was i thinking. cause as i bounced the can into the air i put my gun into automatic mode and hit the can three or four times and each and every ball flew straight back and i was subjected to that many friendly fire bullets. What do I have to show for it... well three lovely dots on my forehead due to my gun :). 

Well im going to do something a little less shoooting  orientated and a little more constructive. have a great day.

hasta luego

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A Song Torn From My Archives

Wide Open

Why do we always do what the world wants us too
Pushin coercin us to do what we know we shouldnt do
Fightin then fallin and loosin we go where we shouldnt go
And finally we're gone so far we've forgotten what we aughta do

cause im torn___wide open
im torn____wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone

Why do we always find too late that we've gone too far
Pushed to the point where we have one choice and its way to hard
fought and we fell and lost givin this one way out
well i've paid my debt in full and all i wanna do is shout__shout out loud

cause im torn__wide open
Im torn__wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone

Well Im by myself now looking back at you and I
I see you with him and i cant explain what it is that i feel inside
it hurts so bad and u dont even seem to care one bit
I gotta move on move on but its gonna tear me_ wide open

cause you tore___ me wide open
cause u tore___me wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone
im torn__ wide open

(so ya that was not my first song written but prolly the one i think is the best when u add the guitar and stuff to it. this one was written just before i came here to lethbridge. its very much a slower played song)
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God bless the Shiny things

So most of the time im usually disgusted by Shiny objects cause they make it next to impossible to concentrate on what i should be doing. But finely there is one great thing they have accomplished. So me being single and all was trying to make that work to my advantage by studying more and actually paying attention in class. Then in the middle of my Psych. class the sun reflected off something to my left so of course i follow the source and find myself looking at the gorgeous girl (the thing shining was definitely a strap on her backpack) and so i figure this to be some great sign from a God knowing my current relationship status and feeling it needed a change so i decided to go and talk to her after class. To make a longs story short I ended up taking her to a latin dance club a couple days later and we had an awesome time. Shiny things are great and you should always look at them... u never know wut they will lead you too :)

Disclaimer: Loss of eyesight but constant eye contact with the Shiny object is not the writer of this articles problem so please dont write me nasty comments.

hasta luego
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The Most amazing guitar Ive held to date!

So I was in West Ed a Giovannimusic and was holdin the most gorgeouse perfect 12-string guitar. OMG it felt perfect to just hold it and tehn when i strummed it, it sang golden. frick it was a one piece Guild. frick and for a measly 1500 it would be mine but woe is me being a university student i will have to sell my car or something to get it so one day. but anywho, have u ever touched such a wonderful instrument, one that feels like it cant play anything without making your song as glorious as making sweet sweet love :) lol

anywho ill stop the rant but if anyone has some other thoughts on other guitars ur gonna have to convince hard cause i loved this guitar.

hasta luego

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A Song Writen In holy Times (lol jk but u have to read to understand lol)

So i found this song stuffed away in my song book that i wrote this last summer while in church actualy. sorry joel the sermon was great but i was just clickin and didnt want to forget the lyrics. so this one is not a sad one. wow eh? thats crazy i know. sad ones are so much easier to write but this one is not half bad. kinda looks repetative but i think it sounds really good with the music and when sung right. read fer urself.

Untitled (i know but titles are hard to find the ones that seem to "fit")

Im staring into your eyes
and I start to loose myself
There can be no comprimise
That I need to Kiss you_ to kiss you_
So kiss me slowly___
Please kiss me slowly__

Cause kissing you
Is like falling rain
I get caught up in it
And nearly go insane
Cause kissing you slowly__
Seems almost Holy

Now kissing me maddly
In a whirlwind of love
With your arms all around me
There are times fer that
But kiss me slowly__
Please kiss me slowly__

Cause kissing you
Is like falling rain
I get caught up in it
And nearly go insane
Cause kissing you slowly__
Seems almost Holy

When your lips first touch mine
Time stands still
Our hands intertwined
and we drift away
So keep kissing me slowly__
Please kiss me slowly__

We're lost in each others eyes
With a feeling of uncompairable size
And we are longing to__
Start kissing slowly__

Cause kissing you
Is like falling rain
I get caught up in it
And nearly go insane
Cause kissing you slowly__
Seems almost Holy
Cause kissing you slowly
is a torrent of rain
I get caught up in it
And I go insane
Cause kissing you slowly__
Why its dam near Holy___

so ya that was it and one day i will figure out how to get my recorder thinger to work and ill post some live sound on here with my guitar. and ill get the chords and shit also some time later :)

hasta luego
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The Thoughts that a music class has on a wondering person

So in my music of composition class today we talked about triads. Dam now there is a fun class. Triads are wonderfull little groupings of notes arent they. The simple idea of roots, 3rds and 5ths all co-existing peacefully and creating bits of sound that can brings you to tears is most assuradly not something that "war-pigs" is about (ya sorry that was kinda random but thats wut happens when my ipod is on shuffle and im trying to write my thoughts). Now the word triads it pretty swanken. It brings up many differant thoughts. Like when my prof. first said we were going to learn about em i was like neat i didnt know a underground Chinese society (commonly known fer its acts of un-niceness) had such an important role in music. Other thoughts are of the Welsh triads which then lead you to thoughts of the glorious King Aurthur.  

so ya thats my shpeal on triads im gonna wander these thoughts fer  abit longer on ly own feel free to add to the thoughts that this has spured :). 

Hasta Luego 
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Today after the degradation of econ. i made my self a bit better by eating several great helpings of left-over green jello. Now frick Jello is a subject on its own. OMG! its the best ever. Its not solid... its not liquid... wut the hell is it... Why its plane greatness in all its glory. My theory is that it contains a special vitamin that most pharmaceutical companies forget about or have not discovered with thier mounds of money. Its vitamin MYDTS, otherwise know in its technical terms as vitamin "Make Your Day The Shit!". With just one helping of jello your day can raise from a time of getting dragged through the monotonous drudge of a "make you think cleaning the neighbors cattle shed as fun" kind of day to a "spacecowboys rock-on im on-fire" kind of day. So the next time you are having a not-so-hot day remember that... "jello is the answer" (by the by, im not a spokesman fer jello just a very happy consumer of the product). 

Hope the jello update helps ya :)

hasta luego

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After a Glorious St. Patricks

So this is a blog. Hmmm. Well im not exactly sure what this really is but im seeing it as a place where i can say those things that if said in public, would make u susceptible to those looks that say "man this guy is a retard". Not that i dont say things like that anyways but hey wut the hell this means i have aplace i can say even more of em.

So ya the day after St. Patricks is today and frick that is a great holiday. I dont give up the chance to celebrate like my Heritage and of course drink a bit just like the my Irish Ancestors :). Green now there is a color that makes the world a better place eh? I still have not gotten used to the green beer that we had but what ever it was totaly awesome. But the awesomeness (ya dont know if thats a word but what ever i like it) did not continue to the next morning (which is today).... don don da...

Wow wasnt that a cliff hanger but still we are in today so i need to talk about it lol. Ya so a hangover that i beleive was enhanced by the many ounces of green food coloring was not a nice feeling so macroeconomics was a little worse than usual. Hmm msomething about learning about banks and such is not quite as awesome when the green color is slowly swimming across your eyes while the dark brown rum is slowly getting pushed out of your blood so it can get to a more "respectable" blood/alcohol level.

Moral of the story is "green food coloring is great fun :)"

hasta leugo


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