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Today after the degradation of econ. i made my self a bit better by eating several great helpings of left-over green jello. Now frick Jello is a subject on its own. OMG! its the best ever. Its not solid... its not liquid... wut the hell is it... Why its plane greatness in all its glory. My theory is that it contains a special vitamin that most pharmaceutical companies forget about or have not discovered with thier mounds of money. Its vitamin MYDTS, otherwise know in its technical terms as vitamin "Make Your Day The Shit!". With just one helping of jello your day can raise from a time of getting dragged through the monotonous drudge of a "make you think cleaning the neighbors cattle shed as fun" kind of day to a "spacecowboys rock-on im on-fire" kind of day. So the next time you are having a not-so-hot day remember that... "jello is the answer" (by the by, im not a spokesman fer jello just a very happy consumer of the product). 

Hope the jello update helps ya :)

hasta luego


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