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The Thoughts that a music class has on a wondering person

So in my music of composition class today we talked about triads. Dam now there is a fun class. Triads are wonderfull little groupings of notes arent they. The simple idea of roots, 3rds and 5ths all co-existing peacefully and creating bits of sound that can brings you to tears is most assuradly not something that "war-pigs" is about (ya sorry that was kinda random but thats wut happens when my ipod is on shuffle and im trying to write my thoughts). Now the word triads it pretty swanken. It brings up many differant thoughts. Like when my prof. first said we were going to learn about em i was like neat i didnt know a underground Chinese society (commonly known fer its acts of un-niceness) had such an important role in music. Other thoughts are of the Welsh triads which then lead you to thoughts of the glorious King Aurthur.  

so ya thats my shpeal on triads im gonna wander these thoughts fer  abit longer on ly own feel free to add to the thoughts that this has spured :). 

Hasta Luego 

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