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God bless the Shiny things

So most of the time im usually disgusted by Shiny objects cause they make it next to impossible to concentrate on what i should be doing. But finely there is one great thing they have accomplished. So me being single and all was trying to make that work to my advantage by studying more and actually paying attention in class. Then in the middle of my Psych. class the sun reflected off something to my left so of course i follow the source and find myself looking at the gorgeous girl (the thing shining was definitely a strap on her backpack) and so i figure this to be some great sign from a God knowing my current relationship status and feeling it needed a change so i decided to go and talk to her after class. To make a longs story short I ended up taking her to a latin dance club a couple days later and we had an awesome time. Shiny things are great and you should always look at them... u never know wut they will lead you too :)

Disclaimer: Loss of eyesight but constant eye contact with the Shiny object is not the writer of this articles problem so please dont write me nasty comments.

hasta luego

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