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A Song Torn From My Archives

Wide Open

Why do we always do what the world wants us too
Pushin coercin us to do what we know we shouldnt do
Fightin then fallin and loosin we go where we shouldnt go
And finally we're gone so far we've forgotten what we aughta do

cause im torn___wide open
im torn____wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone

Why do we always find too late that we've gone too far
Pushed to the point where we have one choice and its way to hard
fought and we fell and lost givin this one way out
well i've paid my debt in full and all i wanna do is shout__shout out loud

cause im torn__wide open
Im torn__wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone

Well Im by myself now looking back at you and I
I see you with him and i cant explain what it is that i feel inside
it hurts so bad and u dont even seem to care one bit
I gotta move on move on but its gonna tear me_ wide open

cause you tore___ me wide open
cause u tore___me wide open for the world to see me as i am
emotional and alone
im torn__ wide open

(so ya that was not my first song written but prolly the one i think is the best when u add the guitar and stuff to it. this one was written just before i came here to lethbridge. its very much a slower played song)

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