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I know wut i was feeling but wut the hell was i thinking.

Hmm so i was sitting in my room and wondering wut the hell to do fer the rest of my monday and noticed my airsoft gun lying on my desk. Dam now when bored maybe playing with ur 4x4 room with an airsoft gun shooting at about 270 feet/sec is not a good idea. Frick its prolly one of the most stupid ideas actually. Small plastic balls tend to ricochet rather well in confined spaces. Well first off i decided that i would set up pop bottles set up on the far side of the room (ya its not actualy that far but when u can hit something 90% of the time it really boosts ur confidence :P). And of course the first couple balls failed to bounce back and hit me so my confidence lv continued to be boosted and I started to shoot faster and in bursts of like two or three. So next I built a little lever to step on so the can threw through the air and i tried to hit it a bunch times as it is in the air. Well as I finished that a foreshodowing song came on "What was I thinking" by Dierks Bently. Now my situation was far from realationship problems but i deffinalty knew i was feeling "dam im clever" but wut was i thinking. cause as i bounced the can into the air i put my gun into automatic mode and hit the can three or four times and each and every ball flew straight back and i was subjected to that many friendly fire bullets. What do I have to show for it... well three lovely dots on my forehead due to my gun :). 

Well im going to do something a little less shoooting  orientated and a little more constructive. have a great day.

hasta luego


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