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Song about watches :)

So this is the resut of mybro and I feeling praticularily creative and random. It all started by him commenting that my watch looked sweet. We then continued to write this song and the chords are ones we have chalked up fer it. (side not is that my watch is actualy a guesse watch but Casio sounded better to sing about :) ). hope u  enjoy


C9       G


D/F#                Em7

Your so functional__

C9                   G

Tellin me the time

           D/F#                C9

Where ever I need to Go oh ho oh oh

                    G           D/F#   Em7

You can be Digital or Analogue

C9       G                    D/F#  Em7
Rabiis wear you in a syna   gog

     C9  G

So Casio___

        D/F#          Em7

Just go with the flow

          C9     G

And always know___


Im ur bro oh oh oh oh


                        C9                       G

Cause your wrapped around my wrist

             D/F#                           Em7

And im wrapped around your finger

C9                         G

What ever trials I come to


Ill know you be there

C9                      G

I put you on this morning

D/F#                    Em7

As soon as i was awake

     C9                  D/F#

I’ll never let you go


Unless you break

Verse 2

           C9  G                  D/F#

When ppl rate me on a scale

          D/F#    Em7

From 1   to    10

        C9            G

And ur on my left wrist

        D/F#                       Em7

You defiantly boost me on the list

  C9                     G

I never leave the house

        D/F#                  Em7

Without you close at hand


    C9                  G                D/F#        

Id even take you to a foreign la__and





           Em7  D

Cause casio

Em7         D

Dont you go




I wanna show


The whole world


That ur beside me

C9  G



Don’t go.



Well there it is hope u like it.

hasta luego


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