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After a Glorious St. Patricks

So this is a blog. Hmmm. Well im not exactly sure what this really is but im seeing it as a place where i can say those things that if said in public, would make u susceptible to those looks that say "man this guy is a retard". Not that i dont say things like that anyways but hey wut the hell this means i have aplace i can say even more of em.

So ya the day after St. Patricks is today and frick that is a great holiday. I dont give up the chance to celebrate like my Heritage and of course drink a bit just like the my Irish Ancestors :). Green now there is a color that makes the world a better place eh? I still have not gotten used to the green beer that we had but what ever it was totaly awesome. But the awesomeness (ya dont know if thats a word but what ever i like it) did not continue to the next morning (which is today).... don don da...

Wow wasnt that a cliff hanger but still we are in today so i need to talk about it lol. Ya so a hangover that i beleive was enhanced by the many ounces of green food coloring was not a nice feeling so macroeconomics was a little worse than usual. Hmm msomething about learning about banks and such is not quite as awesome when the green color is slowly swimming across your eyes while the dark brown rum is slowly getting pushed out of your blood so it can get to a more "respectable" blood/alcohol level.

Moral of the story is "green food coloring is great fun :)"

hasta leugo



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